The Directors

Julie Oakley
Julie Oakley - Director

My Name is Julie Oakley I am married. I am a mum and grandmother to two delightful girls.

I have worked for 19 years in education and worked long term in one school and on special projects in others.

I was awarded a Pride of Britain award in 2011 for my work around anti bullying.

Rotary international award Parish council award winner also.

Sharon Criddle
Sharon Criddle - Director

My name is Sharon Criddle. I have two grown up daughters, one who lives locally and is training to be a district nurse, the other lives in Gloucester and works for a call centre. Therefore, I have experienced the teenage highs and lows as a mother and in my employment. I have also experienced bereavement first-hand with the loss of my mother, father and my husband.

With the increased pressure on young people and their families, their emotional and mental wellbeing is more important than ever and this is why I am part of Project Dragonfly.

I live in Yate with my partner and our two cats. I have lived in the area for 40 years and love the fact that it is close to the countryside as well as the city. I was born and brought up in a rural area so I love wildlife and gardening.

I have worked in education for the almost 19 years. The first 14 years I was a teaching assistant in a primary setting: the rest in a secondary setting supporting student from the age of 11 up to 17 years so I have had the opportunity to build relationships with young people of all ages and abilities; both emotional and physical.

I am proud to be part of Project Dragonfly because I am passionate about the social and emotional health and wellbeing of young people; especially in the light of Covid – which I believe has had an impact on all of us. If I can do anything to help or support someone and give them the tools to make their life better, I will.

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